Joining civilian and military communities together through service and volunteering

Plan a Project

Vets in ServiceSometimes, you're not near enough to an in-person service project to find a way to serve.

That's why so many great organizations have developed toolkits that allow you to serve our military communities from your own home. Please take a look at the options below and see what works best for you!

And if you have a toolkit that you would like to have placed on our website, please email us at


The Returning Home Project

Returning Home sets aside politics and serves as a simple tool for supporting troops in a very personal and intimate way. The site is comprised of three interactive components: the Mosaic Of Support, the Vigil Room and the Virtual Care Package. Help contribute to the mosaic by by uploading personal photos, videos, audio, written messages so others can be inspired to learn and share their own.


Connect with military families! Many military families are new to the community and having a spouse or parent deployed overseas, can add even more stress to adapting to everyday life. This toolkit gives great ideas on how to help military families here at home. It can be as simple as offering to help with errands or holding a potluck dinner.

Adopt a Soldier

Adopt A US Soldier is dedicated to connecting supporters of our troops with deployed soldiers the world over. There are many ways to get involved anywhere from becoming a sponsor to spreading the word; any kind of support of our troops is appreciated.

ServiceAmerican Association of School Administrators

The average military family moves three times more often than its civilian counterpart, according to the Department of Defense. Therefore, military children are constantly going to new schools. This toolkit is for school leaders (teacher, principal, dean, etc.) to help ensure a quality education and a smooth transition for military children.

A Million Thanks

Two simple words can go a long way. A Million Thanks can help you send your written "Thank You" by email or written letter.

Books for Soldiers

Helping our soldiers is simple. All it takes is a little time, a few old books and the cost of shipping. This website takes your through the steps on how to become an official Books for Soldiers volunteer and how to start shipping soldiers supplies that help them feel close to home when they are far away.

The Freedom Package

A small donation of $10 can mean big things for our troops and their families. The donation can either go to a care package to a soldier including a specially-designed military bible, a bandana with scripture printed on it, an encouraging letter, toiletries, and nutritious snacks.The donation can also go to a safe and secure website for the soldier to stay connected with his family and share messages, photos, and videos with his or her family.

Give an Hour

Are you a psychologist or counselor? And do you have an hour to spare? Give an Hour works to provide free counseling for veterans/military family members. Find out more information by clicking the link above.

Habitat for Humanity / American Legion

Habitat for Humanity has joined The American Legion to help Legion members become an important part of the effort to end substandard housing. The Legionnaire’s Guide to Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Opportunities gives veterans options to advocate, build, donate, and organize in support of Habitat’s mission.


The Mission Continues

Do you have a great idea on how to serve veterans or military families?  From how to pick a project to recruiting volunteers to implementation - This toolkit give you a step by step guide and other great resources on how to turn those great ideas into reality!

Operation Gratitude

Give a gift of gratitude. One of the best ways to serve a soldier is by writing a letter to show you care. This website gives ideas of other gifts of gratitude and gives the steps on how to mail your gift.

Operation: Military Kids (OMK)

The Ready, Set, Go! Manual is the cornerstone of Operation: Military Kids.  This manual is used by state teams in conducting trainings for community members in the issues facing military kids experiencing a deployment.  The manual contains chapters such as Military Culture, Dealing with the Media, and The Deployment Process.  All OMK State Teams attend a week long RSG! Training at the beginning of their program.

Soldiers' Angels

Become a Soldier's Angel! Associate Angels participate in the group activities and projects that do not involve personal information about soldiers or families.  Verified Angels have had their identities confirmed, and may participate in the Soldiers' Angels Forum and join any Soldiers' Angels team or project, including instantly adopting a deployed hero!

United States Postal Service

Tips and Tricks from the USPS on how to letters and packages sent to our troops reach them intact!

United We Serve (US Government)

Commit yourself and a team of your friends, family, and neighbors to honor our nation's veterans, strengthen America's communities, and join United We Serve. This tool kit will give you the basics to recruit a team, organize your group, and make an impact.

USO GiveBack10

We need YOU to help change the dialogue around our wounded warriors.

As Americans, we have the opportunity to take action, embrace a new perspective of resolution and hope, remember the sacrifices we often take for granted. Inform your community and encourage them to GiveBack10.

And in the next few weeks we’ll be sending a banner to a very special hospital in Afghanistan, where our brave men and women come straight from the frontlines with battle related injuries.  We need YOUR help to get as many names on that banner as possible and show our wounded warriors that we support them.

GiveBack10 has made it easy to get the word out with this simple tool. Just enter the email addresses of people you want to share with and send. Think of more than 10 people? Great! Less than 10?  That’s great too.  The dialogue starts with you. 

US Troop Care Package

There are many ways to send care packages to our troops deployed overseas and to our wounded. This organization and website shows you where local events in which you can volunteer but also gives a list of items that troops need. Find out ways how to give or donate to a care package today!