Joining civilian and military communities together through service and volunteering

Mission Serve is now Got Your 6

Mission Serve, ServiceNation’s civilian-military initiative, has expanded and evolved to become Got Your 6. Building on Mission Serve’s goal to bring the civilian community together with the military community though shared service and volunteerism, the Got Your 6 campaign works to bridge the civilian-military divide.

In 2011, ServiceNation hosted a convening of every major studio, network, talent agency, and guild in the entertainment industry to discuss veterans’ issues. The result was a yearlong discussion between many partners in Hollywood, at the Clinton Global Initiative domestic convening, and with the White House and other government entities. In a little more than a year, these conversations evolved into an unprecedented awareness and activation campaign led by the entire industry and aimed at changing the conversation in our country regarding veterans and military families. Got Your 6—a campaign named for a military term meaning “I’ve got your back”—intends to take significant steps toward bridging the growing civilian-military divide in this country.

Click here to go to the Got Your 6 website. On these pages, we present some of the work of the Mission Serve initiative leading up to the launch of Got Your 6.